How does it work?

FlexxPay allows you to receive a portion of our pay every week in your FlexxPay Digital or Physical Card.

How do I spend my money?

You can use your FlexxCard anywhere Visa is accepted or you can transfer your funds directly into your bank account.

How often do I get my $500 Gift?

This is placed on your card every year.

How does Flexx Card provide a $500 gift that is not a taxable benefit?

Our $500 Annual Benefit Plan is structured as an Non Cash Employee Birthday Gift.  Employees can receive up to $500 at one of our preferred retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Apple, Sobeys, Canadian Tire and more…

Canada Revenue Agency’s Employee Gift Policy: Click Here

How do I sign up?

Once your Employer is set up to offer Flexx Benefits then follow these steps…

  1. You need to download the Flexx Benefits App to set up a Flexx Card
  2. After downloading the app, you will need to verify your email and cell phone through two factor authentication
  3. Then need to digitally sign a new FlexxPay weekly compensation contract.
  4. We will notify your employer and they will need to authorize your new FlexxPay contract.
  5. That’s it.  You will receive your FlexxPay biweekly!

*Certain limits and conditions apply.  Please download our mobile app to view the full terms and conditions. E&OE